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« on: September 29, 2017, 06:55:07 AM »
I'm enjoying this one so far. So far the direct interaction with the PM is being carried out completely though Twitter, as we solve a series of riddles. There's a subreddit if you want to get fully caught up but it won't take too long; we're currently working on Clue 4:

The Twitter account is here:

A brief round-up of what's happened so far:

Rabit hole / Clue One
A redditor found the following message beneath a bench:

The numbers were co-ordinates that led to a different user finding an intruiging stone:

That started us off with the first of four clues that have been posted on the Twitter account to date.

Clue Two
Between resolutions and dreadnoughts; located at Gustav's most mystic.


This was pointing to the UK's four Vanguard-class submarines Victorious, Vigilant, Vengeance and Vanguard. At this point we also worked out the significance of FS8613 as written on the stones that kicked off the game -- RAF Menwith Hill, which was once known as Field Station 8613.

Clue Three
Limited to 350, except for talk of Trafalgar at 48
A sole fisher in his forties wore a Plymouth jersey and enjoyed Lundy cabbage while visiting the Humber bridge on this date.

This is a reference to Radio 4's Shipping Forecast. We then had to find a location that ties Clue Two and Clue Three together, which turned out to be Skelton Transmitting Station, which transmits orders to UK submarines.

Clue Four
This is the one we're stumped on at the moment:

Pawn, prince, pretender. The aunt under wing. One hopes never to hear the sound of music.

We've been on this one for a little while and have had the follownig hints to try and nudge us along:

A royal flower. 100 days ready to go.

It is by this heart that lilies flourish.

...but we're not there yet. Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: prld2acnsprcy
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Thanks for posting.
I'll have to look into this one.